Donations for Ukraine

You may be aware that the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) have opened a fund this morning on-line for people to give to the crisis.
As a church we would like to support this and suggest that if you would like to give you can do so in one of three ways:

  • Donate on-line to DEC via their website:
  • Donate via the church bank account marking your donation up with your surname and DEC e.g. Bird-DEC. This will help the finance team to establish if gift aid can be claimed and sent to the appeal.
  • Place you cash or cheque in an envelope and put this in the tithe box on Sunday morning. Again, if you can mark the envelope up with your surname and DEC the finance team will be able to establish if gift aid can be claimed and sent to the appeal. Cheques should be made payable to Plume Ave URC
    The church bank account details are:
    Account name: Plume Ave URC Sort code: 40-52-40
    Bank: CAF Bank Ltd Account no: 00006934

We would like to send donations early next week so if you are able to make your donations by Monday that would be helpful. Donations received after Monday will be sent to DEC separately, we just would like to send the bulk of the donations sooner rather than later as there is so much urgency to the needs of the people of Ukraine.
Just a reminder that if you are a tax payer and you have not completed a Gift Aid form you might like to do so. This will enable the church to claim Gift Aid on all your donations. Please contact David Bird for a form.

Hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to flee their homes in Ukraine as a result of devastating war. Many are women and children who have left homes and loved ones behind and now, on top of this trauma, they face risks of trafficking and violence. Your urgent support is needed. IJM teams are at the border now. Please donate to IJM’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal to help protect at risk women and children in this time of crisis.
IJM staff and partners are working tirelessly at the Ukrainian-Romanian border to provide vital support to refugees and prevent trafficking. One of our staff who is there in person explained the urgent crisis: “Everyone has access to refugees coming through the border on foot – hundreds of people are coming in every hour – and while many local people are offering genuine help, not everyone is necessarily there to be kind, there are risks of exploiters taking advantage of tired and vulnerable women and children. We need to act now.” By identifying vulnerabilities and partnering with local NGOs to provide safe transport, training agencies in how to identify trafficking, and partnering with authorities to put advice on how to stay safe into passports, IJM is working to prevent trafficking. We are also supporting partners to provide essential food, supplies, sim cards and trauma informed care to people who have fled, leaving everything behind. We need your urgent help to protect more women and children as they continue to travel across the border in search of safety. Please give now. Your gift could provide urgent support to women and children, preventing trafficking now and in the future.
Thank you for choosing to act at this time of urgent crisis. With appreciation, David Westlake Chief Executive, IJM UK