Luke 1:5 …there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah

I see myself standing before the doors
This is the moment that my whole life has been working towards,
when I seek an atonement for my people Israel.
The preparations are over
The gates withdraw
My sole focus is here
The sacrifice.
Step forward
Approach the Ark
The only sound I hear is the pulsing blood in my temple
the beat repeating the thudding of drums outside.
Absent are the cries and shouting of Psalms, the shocking, demanding shriek of trumpets.
All is silent, except for the presence of blood.
Time stands still; All else fades away – this is the moment
I am nothing
I am nowhere
I am everywhere
No time, and all time passes in this moment
I stand on the edge of eternity.

Then it comes – unbidden, unwanted, unexpected, – my fear
My one fear; my curse, my failure, my darkest nightmare.
The mocking, gut wrenching pain of the empty space where my son should be.
Not heir, but nemesis is there;
Reminding me that I will never be remembered.
My service to my people has become service to my fear
Worship of the most high brought down to worship of the most low.

In this moment, I am ashamed
In this moment, I die
All chances of a future flown
This is where it all ends, in this moment.

I sense the heat of his presence before I see him
My guilt is burned from the moment, cauterised by Holy Angel Fire.
Now, not even my own heartbeat breaks the silence.
He has come – not for me – but for my fear, and my shame.
“Who am I that my Lord should grant my prayer?
Who am I that in this moment I become His priest?”
Dead flesh that entered this Holy of Holies is now more alive than ever!
The prophecy is taking on flesh, begetting a messenger of the atonement for all people!

Time starts again
I again see myself standing, silenced by doubt, but glowing with a new anointing.
Instead of the wrath of God I have received the Grace of God
His name will be John, Yahweh is Gracious.

©2018 Dave Watt