Luke 2:8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields near by, keeping watch over their flocks at night.

Oh we jolly shepherds all,
Were seated out last night
Just counting sheep, when we fell asleep
Woke up with a terrible fright!

Old Ben cried “’pon my soul!”
And Jacob ran away;
Jo hid from sight and Zac took flight
As night turned into day.

An angel had appeared
And Glory shone around
But when he spoke, I thought I’d croak
As I buried my face in the ground.

He said, “Now, don’t be afraid
To you good news I bring.
Today is born in David’s town
Messiah, the Saviour King!

And this will be the sign
A baby there you’ll find
Wrapped up in cloth in an animal’s trough;
The redemption of mankind.”

Then the angel’s mates turned up
Singing “Praise to God on High
On earth be peace that will never cease
Wherever His favour lies”.

It clearly was no secret
So off to town we ran
And just like he said, in a manger bed
Was the baby – alongside his mam.

His dad was there as well
And so were loads of peeps
So we spread the word of all we’d heard
Then toddled off back to our sheeps.

We’re jolly shepherds all
Come join our dance and sing.
We’ve been down to Bethlehem Town
To welcome the new born king.
Oh! To welcome the new born king.

©2018 Dave Watt