So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

-Psalm 90:12—NIV

Greetings Friends,

It is the time of year when many people approach significant milestones in their lives. School finishes, exams are complete, waiting ensues. Whether we’ve done exams this summer or not I wonder if you have had to face any milestones this year? A milestone gives us the opportunity not just to look ahead at the possibilities of the future but also to reflect on the past and the things we have achieved or encountered.

This year I have celebrated a 50th birthday and 25 years of marriage, both milestones that have brought joy and celebration with a good deal of reminiscing and looking back. The above bible verse reminds us of the finite nature of life. In its silence and simplicity it basically says appreciate what you have so that you may live well.Whilst milestones can be good, each day should be appreciated for what it may hold. The chance to see friends, the chance to enjoy creation, the chance to start again, the chance to repent or the chance to celebrate.

Friends, our days on this earth are numbered. We know the promise of the Christian faith is eternal life in Jesus but we also know that God doesn’t call us to wait for death before we enjoy eternity but we can know God now, through his son Jesus Christ today and thereby share his grace with those around us. I want to encourage you today, wherever you may be, whatever milestones you face to remember that God is with you today and calls you to enjoy this day as a day that he has made in all it’s fullness with all it has to hold.

 May you know the joy of his presence today and over the summer.

God Bless,